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A large company may discover that two of their teams have been using Aha! Roadmaps and decide to merge the accounts. We recommend one Aha! account per company — so you can fully utilize the power of portfolio collaboration and visual roadmap views.

There is no way to merge Aha! Roadmaps accounts programmatically, but you can do so manually with easy-to-use import and export functions. You need to be a workspace owner in order to import data.

You will merge one Aha! Roadmaps account into another. We'll consider the primary account the one that will be used going forward. The secondary account will be eventually retired.

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Prepare your primary account

  1. Create any new workspaces or workspace lines you may need.

  2. Then recreate any strategy, custom fields and custom workflows in the primary account that you have in the secondary account. Creating this data upfront will allow you to import much of the other data by mapping fields.


  • If you would like to preserve your links to strategic records, then you must import them to the new workspace before moving the other record types.

  • You can export and import initiatives, but depending on the number of initiatives that need to be created, you may also decide to add them manually as well.

  • Name each custom field exactly the same in both accounts to avoid confusion. Any fields you don't wish to import, you do not need to recreate.

  • If you have capacity planning turned on and want to export any of the capacity data, you must turn on capacity planning in the primary account as well.


Export your data — then import it

1. Create a list report of your data, then export it as a CSV file. Navigate to Features List or Roadmaps List to create a list report. You may wish to create multiple list reports with different primary record types to be sure that you capture all your data. For a start, make sure you export these record types:

  • Goals

  • Initiatives

  • Releases / Schedules

  • Epics

  • Features / Activities

  • Requirements

  • Ideas

  • Custom tables (Enterprise+)

Note: If you want to export requirements, then you must choose at least one field under the requirements section. Each requirement will then be its own row.

  • Carefully follow the Import from CSV instructions on the primary account.

  • Import your CSV file to the release or parking lot in the workspace of your choice.


  • You can move features to another release in any workspace later.

  • When importing features, you can link to initiatives as long as the initiatives are imported or manually created first.


Recreate remaining data

You are now ready to recreate the remaining data in the primary Aha! Roadmaps account. The following data and relationships will need to be manually recreated, if applicable:


Delete your secondary account

Once you're comfortable that any relationships have been established, you are free to delete your data from the secondary account and close it. If you are a paid customer, you'll want to cancel your account under Settings ⚙️ Account Billing.


If you get stuck, please reach out to our Product Success team. Our team is made up entirely of product experts and responds fast.

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