February 22, 2019 release notes

This week, we are proud to announce the launch of our collaborative text editor! You can now create and collaborate with your colleagues using rich formatting and real-time collaborative editing. The new text editor offers:

  • Multi-user editing for description fields and notes. You can now work together with your fellow editors at the same time on text without the fear of overwriting or undoing someone's changes. Collaborators are shown with a flag displaying the user's name as they modify text in real time.

  • New font color and highlighting options for calling attention to key details in your notes and descriptions.

  • Better table editing using the new right-click menu, which includes the ability to merge cells, split cells, add and remove rows/columns, clear table contents, or delete the table.

  • A new option for adding checklists that can be checked and unchecked as tasks are completed.

  • A new option for adding code snippets to your text descriptions and notes.

  • The ability for images to be copy/pasted so you can rapidly define your records.

  • The ability to share a direct link to the full-screen view of the text editor. Upon activating the full-screen view, the browser’s URL will update with a unique link to access that view directly.


  • The import from development tool preview has been improved with a summary and warning of what will be updated on each record when the import is complete.

  • The reports dashboard has been enhanced to display a Grid view or List view based on your most recent selection.

  • History events for ideas have been improved to display product name and category when ideas are created or updated with a new product or category.

  • The Settings Product Configure Edit workflow page has been updated with a yellow warning banner which states, "Workflow changes are immediately applied after clicking the Update statuses button below and will affect all existing records. After updating the statuses, you must also update any integrations in this product that use workflow status."

  • The reviewer count for paid seat groups on Enterprise+ accounts located at Settings Account Billing Paid seat groups has been renamed to Reviewer/Viewer to clarify that it includes a total for both viewers and reviewers. Also, users that occupy a paid seat but are also a viewer or reviewer on another product are now only included in the paid seat count, instead of being included in the free seat count as well.

  • The Jira integration (2.0) has been improved for on-premise Jira customers that store attachments locally, behind a firewall. In this situation, Aha! will now request attachments from the Jira server domain defined in the integration settings instead of the location of the attachment.


  • An issue with analytics report filters was causing master feature Start on and Due on dates to filter as though the values were blank when Set automatically was chosen on the master feature.

  • You can now add filters on analytics reports to filter by status changes for custom initiative workflows. Prior to this change, you could only add filters for status changes on initiatives using the default workflows.

  • A display issue was causing the Link to existing option to show the Link record preview modal to display field data from the integrated system where the Aha! field data should have appeared (and vice-a-versa).

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