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Deliver more value and be recognized for it (with less chaos)

Understand the "why"

Break free from being a "feature factory." Create an integrated product management and development workflow that gives you full visibility into the roadmap and brings a new level of clarity to engineering priorities. Finally, a tool that puts technical work in strategic context and empowers you to collaborate closely with product management.

Connect to the roadmap

Get going fast

Choose the agile methodology — scrum, kanban, or SAFe® — that your team uses and get straight to work. Everything you need is built-in — no third-party plugins required. The streamlined user experience keeps overhead low so developers can spend more time doing what they love — solving problems and writing elegant code.

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Coordinate delivery at scale

Implement SAFe®. Group teams into agile release trains and set a shared sprint cadence. Use the program board to conduct program increment (PI) planning — assigning features to teams and sprints as you go. Visualize dependencies so you can remove blockers before work gets underway. Track PI progress in real time to achieve your objectives.

Drive alignment across teams —>

Set achievable plans

Optimize the team's workload. Distill user stories and accurately estimate effort in story points or time. Set sprint capacity. And then right-size your plans based on team member availability and velocity. Knowing exactly what the team can take on enables you to deliver high-quality work on time and sustain happiness.

Manage team workload

Keep work moving

Use an interactive workflow board to visualize work and drive collaboration. Scrum teams can efficiently manage sprints, while kanban teams can establish a continuous flow. Set work-in-progress limits and track delivery risks to quickly spot potential issues. This ensures there are no surprises — reducing fire drills as you go from backlog to done.

Get more done faster —>

Showcase success

Powerful reporting gives you all the insights you need to help the team be its best — and be recognized for it. Track progress, identify stalled work, and analyze delivery metrics. Better still, showcase the value delivered by engineering over time to highlight the positive impact of your team.

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Why customers love Aha! Develop

Align product and engineering

Use Aha! Develop and Aha! Roadmaps together to connect technical work to the roadmap, prioritize the backlog, sync estimates, and integrate workflows.

Streamline work

Delight your team with a user interface that is easy to use and clutter-free. Put just the right amount of process and automation in place to work efficiently.

Avoid costly plugins

Aha! Develop provides everything you need to plan and manage software development — no fickle third-party integrations or add-ons needed.

Work your way

Select your methodology by team — scrum, kanban, SAFe®, or hybrid. Accurately estimate effort and manage the team's workload to deliver value fast.

Gain real-time insights

Access a variety of agile reports to track team performance, see where work gets held up, and celebrate the team's achievements.

Extend everything

Use our library of existing extensions or create new ones to fully customize the UI, tailor your workflow, and integrate with your dev stack.

See what's new in Aha! Develop

We release product updates continuously. Here are some of the most recent enhancements to help you build better software and be happy doing it.