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Use powerful AI functionality to draft product documentation and gain insights into your product management data

Use a built-in writing assistant to quickly draft documents, release notes, and more
Enhance existing copy — summarize key points, add details, and infuse personality
Analyze your idea management data in seconds to uncover feedback themes
Aha! Roadmaps — AI writing assistant

Craft product announcements

Jumpstart your creative writing process. Access the AI writing assistant anywhere the Aha! text editor appears — including notes and work items. Use AI to draft a blog or email letting your customers know about the latest updates.

  • Choose an example prompt to get going fast

  • Describe what you are writing and the key points

  • Watch as AI creates a compelling draft

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Summarize content with the AI writing assistant

Streamline meetings

Spend less time capturing meeting notes. From product team meetings to customer interviews, use the AI writing assistant to quickly distill lengthy documents into a concise summary you can share with the team.

  • Transform raw notes into a list of action items

  • Ensure documents are well-written and error-free

  • Reuse your best AI prompts to work even faster

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Aha! Ideas — AI idea explorer tool

Identify feedback themes

Analyze customer feedback at scale. The idea exploration tool uses AI to uncover high-level themes across all of your ideas data. This gives you valuable insights into the areas of your product that need attention to inform your strategic planning.

  • Explore ideas by product, category, and status

  • Visualize ideas clustered by common themes

  • Review each theme and delve into the details

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Research customer needs

Quickly find ideas related to a specific feature or topic. The idea exploration tool analyzes the language in every idea name and description in your portal — providing a sophisticated search engine that helps you understand what customers need.

  • Find ideas that match specific search terms

  • Open and update ideas directly from the chart

  • Identify and merge similar ideas

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Analyze ideas with AI

Run AI analysis on ideas related to features you are defining so you can quickly understand what customers need. Our AI assistant combs through idea comments and proxy votes to generate a note summarizing potential revenue, key use cases, and more.

  • Use AI to analyze customer feedback

  • Instantly understand what users need

  • Surface key use cases and quotes

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AI - Overview - release notes

Auto-generate release notes

Effortlessly draft release notes — so you can keep customers informed of new product updates. AI turns your carefully crafted feature descriptions into ready-to-publish product announcements.

  • Select a list of epics, features, and requirements

  • Generate release notes using a predefined format

  • Save your release notes and share the updates

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Security first

Aha! uses OpenAI language models to power our text-generating functionality. Only the text you enter into the prompt dialogue or select is sent to OpenAI — and none of your data will ever be used for training.