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The visual space for product innovation

Define user flows, create mockups, and collaborate on roadmaps — all on a whiteboard

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The only purpose-built whiteboard software for product teams

An image of expertly-crafted templates in Aha! whiteboard software for every aspect of product development

Jump-start your creativity

Harness the power of visual thinking. Choose from nearly 100 templates or work from a blank canvas to ideate, illustrate, and iterate on concepts.

  • Brainstorm on an infinite canvas

  • Draw with shapes, icons, and connectors

  • Collaborate in real time or asynchronously

Use an innovation space

Share visual concepts

Simplify complex early thoughts. Quickly build strategic models, map out process flows, and design technical diagrams to share your thinking.

  • Use frameworks like a business model or SWOT

  • Visualize the end-to-end customer journey

  • Document your system architecture

Model your strategy

An image of a configurable wireframe in Aha! whiteboard software to mock up new user experiences

Design user experiences

Mock up how new functionality should work. Visualize the desired experience and gather stakeholder feedback before you start building.

  • Create beautiful wireframes

  • Design for desktop, mobile, tablet, or browsers

  • Map out users' steps to refine flow

Create lovable experiences

Having whiteboards available within Aha! software helps us consolidate our product development tools and bring all of our planning into one environment.

Aha! Roadmaps user

An image of a kanban board in Aha! whiteboard software to guide product prioritization

Guide product prioritization

Align on what to build next. Rank priorities, use kanban boards, and coordinate sprint and Scaled Agile Framework® PI planning sessions.

  • Assess options based on value and effort

  • Showcase your early-stage roadmap plans

  • Discuss trade-offs and dependencies

Plan collaboratively

An image of a collaborative brainstorming session in Aha! whiteboard software to drive business alignment

Drive business alignment

Broaden your perspective. Unlimited guest access empowers you to capture input from stakeholders and customers to get everyone on board.

  • Share whiteboards with anyone

  • Capture feedback via comments

  • Run interactive voting sessions

Gather feedback

An image of sticky notes on a 2x2 matrix in Aha! Whiteboards being converted to features in Aha! Roadmaps

Connect to your roadmap

Move swiftly from idea to action with an integrated workflow. Use Aha! Whiteboards as part of Aha! Roadmaps to bring the best concepts into your structured plans.

  • Convert whiteboard elements into work items

  • Bring roadmaps and reports into whiteboards

  • Embed whiteboards in your feature descriptions

Consolidate tools

Why customers love Aha! Whiteboards

Accelerate innovation

Give everyone in your organization a visual space to generate ideas and collaborate on concepts using flexible whiteboards.

Use expert templates

Access a full collection of templates for every aspect of product development to help you showcase your thinking.

Visualize anything

Use intuitive drawing functionality to model, diagram, and wireframe concepts to bring lovable product experiences to life.

Invite unlimited guests

Empower all of your product stakeholders with the ability to view and edit whiteboards at no additional cost.

Make planning collaborative

Streamline the way you share ideas, refine concepts, and make prioritization decisions with sophisticated collaboration tools.

Turn concepts into plans

Brainstorm ideas in Aha! Whiteboards, then convert them into work items in Aha! Roadmaps when you are ready to move ahead.

Whiteboards refresh customer love

Explore more than 100 expertly crafted templates

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