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The comprehensive idea management solution

Crowdsource feedback, gain customer insights, and drive revenue

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Understand what ideas are worth


Centralize customer requests

Empower your community to share feedback and vote on ideas. Create a custom-branded portal and invite unlimited users, giving all of your customers a voice.

  • Use dynamic forms to capture key details

  • Integrate with Salesforce and Zendesk

  • Submit proxy votes on behalf of customers

View ideas in one place

Ideas-Manage requests

Streamline your review process

Efficiently review every single request. Use automation to track voting trends, assign ideas based on category, and keep customers informed of status.

  • Manage feedback in a single view

  • Evaluate ideas with a scorecard

  • Rank lists of ideas in priority order

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Expand feedback channels

Truly understand what your customers need and why. Choose from a variety of innovative research tools to gather qualitative and quantitative insights.

  • Launch feedback polls

  • Gather in-app feedback

  • Host virtual focus groups

Find new ways to engage

Capturing customer feedback via an ideas portal has been a game changer. It gives us deep insights into what our clients want — and gives them a voice in our planning process.

Jennifer Lange

Product Owner | Harris School Solutions


View by customer

Understand what customers want at the individual, company, and segment levels. Use powerful reports to analyze feedback patterns and assess business value.

  • Visualize voting trends by category

  • Compare top requests by segment

  • Prioritize revenue-generating ideas

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Explore ideas with AI

Understand high-level themes. Built-in AI capabilities provide large-scale analytics — giving you a fresh perspective into what customers want.

  • Find ideas related to key functionality

  • Discover common feedback themes

  • Identify and merge similar ideas

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Showcase your plans

Keep your customers informed by proactively sharing status updates, product plans, and announcements via your portal.

  • Publish your product roadmap

  • Highlight release notes

  • Send a weekly update email

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Why customers love Aha! Ideas

Centralize feedback

Crowdsource ideas, engage a community, research what customers want, analyze feedback trends, and prioritize requests — all in one place.

Gain deep insights

Our robust data model, sophisticated reporting, and AI-powered exploration let you quickly analyze large amounts of data to uncover what customers want.

Focus on revenue

Estimate the potential value of ideas based on impact and effort, tying feedback directly to sales and revenue gains — driving measurable outcomes.

Customize everything

Tailor your ideas portal to match your brand — including your portal domain, theme color, terminology, idea capture forms, and more.

Stay responsive

Create an unlimited number of portals and portal users to give everyone in your community a voice and efficiently respond to every single idea.

Talk to an expert

Our team has deep experience in driving innovation, real-world product development expertise, and is super responsive.

Ideas refresh customer love

We now have built-in customer research tools at our fingertips — including a dynamic idea submission form, polls, and segments — to help us better understand our customers' needs.

Jerimiah Rudden

Senior Manager, Product Strategy and Operations | Genesys

Connect with your existing tools of choice

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Integrate with customer relationship management, chat, and SSO tools

Centralize all requests

Keep sales and support connected. Bring feedback into Aha! Ideas from Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow to manage requests in one place.

Communicate idea progress

Share important status updates related to ideas via Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other chat tools.

Streamline portal access

Enable users to log into ideas portals using your existing SAML enabled identity provider, such as Google Cloud, Okta, and more.