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Tie CRM data to customer feedback

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Integrate with Salesforce to inform decisions

Empower sales and support to share customer requests — then analyze the potential revenue behind them

Link ideas to Salesforce opportunities, accounts, and support cases
View important customer details from your CRM with each feedback request
Analyze ideas by customer, segment, and opportunity value
Create and link ideas via Salesforce

Capture more customer feedback

Make it easy for customer-facing teams to share requests. Set up a bi-directional integration with Salesforce — so colleagues can quickly search your ideas portal, submit new requests, and add proxy votes to existing ones. They can also link ideas directly to opportunities and track their status in real time, keeping customer needs at the forefront of every interaction.

Unify opportunity and ideas data

Unify opportunity and ideas data

Sync your account data in Salesforce with organizations in Aha! Ideas. This gives everyone on the product team a full view of what each customer is asking for — along with useful context about the company's industry, location, and size. Updates in Salesforce automatically reflect in Aha! Ideas, ensuring that you always have access to the most current information.

Prioritize based on business value

Prioritize based on business value

Evaluate which ideas will have the most impact. Bring revenue data into Aha! Ideas from Salesforce to see how much each customer spends with your company. Use these financial insights to assess the importance of ideas based on account size and compare revenue across different customer segments — so you can make savvy decisions about what to work on next.

Salesforce opportunity report

Focus on revenue growth

Understand your opportunity pipeline. The opportunity impact report combines account data from Salesforce with ideas data to help you answer important questions like, "How much opportunity potential is sitting at each stage of development?" and "Which product gaps are blocking new deals?" Work closely with sales to prioritize ideas that will drive new revenue for your product.

Close the feedback loop

Close the feedback loop

Keep teammates informed of progress. Status changes automatically show in Salesforce as you move through your workflow and promote the best ideas to your roadmap. Sales and support teams can instantly see whether an idea is planned, in progress, or shipped — right in the opportunity or support case. This helps them manage customer expectations about what is coming and when.