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We want you to be happy. Really happy. Customer and employee joy should be the aim and core of a company's existence. Aha! takes a simple yet unconventional approach to creating customer and employee joy — we focus on creating real value. We hire intrinsically motivated people who love to learn, support their teammates, and want to work from where they are happiest.

We set clear goals and give people space to contribute and be recognized for it. (And we reward the team's success with generous profit sharing.) Being a remote-always company eliminates the need to commute and gives you more time with family and friends too. So what are you waiting for?

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What makes Aha! unique

We have built a business like our grandparents did — by creating honest value and relationships. And it has worked. We have been one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies. Aha! is self-funded and highly profitable. But the real story is not about revenue or even growth percentages. It is how we are helping companies build lovable products and redefining what a high-growth SaaS company looks like.

We have always been remote

Work is about effort and achievement, not a location. Aha! has been entirely distributed since the company was founded in 2013. You can find our teammates all over the world. We stay meaningfully connected and collaborate daily through Zoom and Slack. And we meet as an entire company each week to celebrate milestones and share progress.

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We are incredibly responsive

The Responsive Method drives us. It is grounded in the belief that lasting success and sustainable happiness originate in the respect for and service to others. We apply the principles in everything we do, including our interactions with customers and job applicants.

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We seek sustainable happiness

We have one life and we should fill it with what is most important to us. True happiness comes from doing meaningful work with motivated colleagues and being appreciated for it. That is Aha! — a talented group of people changing how the best-known companies innovate and bring products to market.

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The values that guide us

The real thrill of being at Aha! is realized by working closely with a team that is committed to a shared set of values. We take a human-centered approach and reject the growth-at-all-costs mentality that is standard for many technology companies. We remain true to the time-tested values of our grandparents and the way they did business.


We hire folks who are as good as their word and respect others, even when they disagree. That means no drama and no dysfunction. There is no wiggle room when it comes to being honest and having strong moral principles.


It is a very human trait to love achievement and want the opportunity to do something important. Aha! teammates set aggressive goals and always have a plan to get there. We all want to look back with pride and say, "I helped build one of the greatest software companies."


Having a plan is a start. But doing anything well is hard work. Who says work cannot be just as satisfying and fulfilling as all the other parts of our lives? Our team loves pursuing audacious goals and achieving them together.


Hard effort + experience = skill. It starts with leadership. Our company's leaders are experts in product development and marketing, having built multiple successful software companies in the past. We hire people who have similar expertise and are continually working to perfect their craft. Skill development is a conscious journey.

Team spirit

When you work with a group and believe in what you are trying to accomplish, it is possible to achieve greatness together. But greatness can only occur when the vision is clear and people are able to put the organization's goals on the same level as their personal aspirations.


Aha! is a learning organization. That is how we improve our skills. We believe in direct feedback and innovative internal coaching programs. Take advantage of an annual stipend and paid time off to enroll in professional classes to further develop your career. As the company grows and opportunities arise, we strive to promote from within.

What can you expect?

Most Aha!s are deeply curious people. So you may already be wondering what your journey will look like when you join the company. From the interview flow to your ongoing career growth, considering a new job opportunity is not to be taken lightly. We want you to enjoy the process.

Interview fast

We follow The Responsive Method. Your time is precious. And we like to be transparent in all things — especially with job candidates. We are honored by the number of applications that we receive from talented people like you. But because we receive thousands of applications every month, we cannot respond to everyone personally. We do review every application we receive. We promise to contact you quickly if your skills and experience align with an open role. Once the process starts, expect it to move quickly — within two weeks or so, you might have an offer.

Onboard like a pro

Starting a new job is exciting and we are committed to setting you up for success. Before you start, you will receive a computer, some Aha! swag, and a selection of books chosen by your team lead. Starting on day one, you will begin a five- to eight-week onboarding program to immerse you in the market, product, and company. Your onboarding graduation will have you leading a real demo of our product. Then get ready to celebrate with the entire company on our weekly call.

Go onsite

Connection matters. So twice a year, the company pays for everyone to travel to a destination location. Think four- or five-star resort on the beach or in the mountains. At these weeklong “onsites,” we focus on what matters most — the team. We reflect on our past accomplishments. We present future plans and we laugh together over some fantastic meals. You will form lasting relationships and unforgettable memories. As you reflect on your time at Aha! on your annual Aha!niversary, you may find your favorite memories are onsites.

Give back

Being kind allows you to remain humble and maintain perspective. We recognize that nonprofits are critical to the health of our global communities. So you will have many opportunities to give back. In addition to volunteering with your teammates at onsites, you can take paid time to volunteer in your community too. Broaden your impact by nominating a local nonprofit for a financial award through Aha! Cares.

Keep growing

Your growth is important and takes time. So we require managers to hold weekly 1:1s. Each year, each person has a check-in — no surprises, just reflection. We send out a biannual lovability survey too. We do this because we want Aha! to be a place where people love to work and love their work. Suggestions for improvement are frequently implemented. We care deeply about how you think we can make Aha! even better.

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