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A collection of technical posts written by the Aha! engineering team.


How to build a dark theme

So you want to implement a dark theme for your app? All your favorite applications have it and your app should too. But will it be trivial…


Automatically avoiding GraphQL N+1s

Some people, when faced with an API problem, think “I’ll use GraphQL!” And now they have N+1 problems. N+1 problems occur when you want to…


Log management using AWS Athena

Many SaaS providers will happily sell you a turn-key log management system, and in the early days of a startup when you value time over…


Building our new Gantt chart

Our old Gantt chart served us well for the past six years. It was doing what it was designed to do, but some of the things we wanted to add…


A treatise on JavaScript dependencies

JavaScript dependency trees are a bit of a punching bag in the programming world. Even in a small project, the directory can easily reach…


Quantum computing in the real world

Why does it matter? As we have recently entered a new decade, I have been thinking about the next leaps in computer science and where some…

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