Go boldly together

It always takes a team to achieve greatness

Work with experts

Brian de Haaff and Dr. Chris Waters built Aha! by putting people first. We hire experts and set people free to accomplish great things every day. We set bold goals and seek "perfect moments" — time when the team works incredibly hard to pursue an exceptional outcome together.

We are committed to doing meaningful work and getting it done ridiculously fast. The focus is on delivering real value every day — from the products we build to the conversations we have with customers and each other. We also slow down to celebrate our shared success. In doing so, we discover perfect moments in major launches as well as smaller achievements.

Collaborate from anywhere

We believe great work is about effort and achievement, not a location. So you can find Aha! teammates all over the world. We stay meaningfully connected and collaborate daily on video meetings and group chat. We meet as an entire company each week to share the work of individuals and the team.

Every six months, we get the team together in person at a travel destination location to review our goals, track our progress, and bond over community activities and delicious meals. We call these onsites. Our goal is to create space for people to feel connected and valued — that feeling carries over into the next half year.

Learn and grow together

We are a learning organization. We encourage team members to pursue professional and personal challenges.

Every new hire participates in our in-depth onboarding program that immerses them in the market, product, and team. We read books that are meant to provoke deep thought, meaningful reflection, and conversation. And as we grow and opportunities arise, we promote from within.

Lead with kindness

We are ambitious. We are courageous. But we also care deeply for our team and communities. Kindness and transparency guide us.

We believe it is possible to achieve greatness without losing sight of our values. We stand behind our vision and genuinely root for our teammates and customers. Their success is our success.

Find sustainable happiness

You can work exceptionally hard and be happy. We have one life and we should fill it with what is most important to us. It is up to us to design our lives so that we purposefully do more of what makes us happy. That is Aha! — a talented group of people changing how the best-known companies innovate and bring products to market.

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