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Customer stories

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Learn how businesses — from startups to global leaders — use Aha! to set strategy and create breakthrough innovations

2U used Aha! to plan and execute their online education platform in a more cohesive process.

Acquia delivered an innovative digital experience by enabling their team to focus on product strategy.

Acrobatiq built custom scorecards to prioritize features and increase value for their learning analytics platform.

Addgene integrated their Jira instance with Aha! to manage both the granular work and bigger picture.

Alida used the integration with Slack to notify product management of new ideas on their ideas portal.

AAA created a sustainable, transformative customer experience by using Aha! to align around initiatives.

Aperture Health connected Aha! with Azure DevOps to funnel work from ideation to development with consistency.

Aquicore aligned business metrics with a modern approach to roadmapping.

Astucemedia created a seamless feedback loop with the senior management team using an Aha! ideas portal.

AutoScout24 overhauled a disjointed planning process and consolidated client engagements in one place.

Avadyne Health integrated Aha! with Jira to plan, manage, and communicate product plans.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence gained visibility across their portfolio of products from strategy to implementation.

Bank of New Zealand mapped out their development roadmap in Aha! to streamline planning.

Best Doctors utilized Aha! to merge and update roadmaps between multiple distinct company divisions.

Betsson Group set unique processes for each department to create a comprehensive product strategy.

BetterCloud configured an Aha! ideas portal to collect feedback and send prioritized features to Jira.

Billtrust set a consistent method for capturing ideas and providing status updates using an Aha! ideas portal.

Blibli created robust custom roadmaps and presentations for a variety of audiences.

Boise Cascade centralized their product portfolio in Aha! to create a shared set of aligned goals.

BrightSpring Health Services achieved an enterprise transformation using Aha! to engage employees and drive innovation.

Candid clearly identified necessary prelaunch activities, providing a holistic picture of what needs to be done.

CarePayment united their daily tasks and big picture, empowering the whole organization to work in unity.