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This is the 2U logo

2U used Aha! to plan and execute their online education platform in a more cohesive process.

This is the Acquia logo

Acquia delivered an innovative digital experience by enabling their team to focus on product strategy.

This is the Acrobatiq logo

Acrobatiq built custom scorecards to prioritize features and increase value for their learning analytics platform.

This is the Addgene logo

Addgene integrated their Jira instance with Aha! to manage both the granular work and bigger picture.

Vision Critical Logo

Alida used the integration with Slack to notify product management of new ideas on their ideas portal.

This is the AAA logo

AAA created a sustainable, transformative customer experience by using Aha! to align around initiatives.

This is the Aperture Health logo

Aperture Health connected Aha! with Azure DevOps to funnel work from ideation to development with consistency.

This is the Aquicore logo

Aquicore aligned business metrics with a modern approach to roadmapping.

This is the Astucemedia logo

Astucemedia created a seamless feedback loop with the senior management team using an Aha! ideas portal.

This is the AutoScout24 logo

AutoScout24 overhauled a disjointed planning process and consolidated client engagements in one place.

This is the Avadyne Health logo

Avadyne Health integrated Aha! with Jira to plan, manage, and communicate product plans.

BAE Systems logo

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence gained visibility across their portfolio of products from strategy to implementation.

Bank of New Zealand Logo

Bank of New Zealand mapped out their development roadmap in Aha! to streamline planning.

BestDoctors Logo

Best Doctors utilized Aha! to merge and update roadmaps between multiple distinct company divisions.

This is the Betsson group logo

Betsson Group set unique processes for each department to create a comprehensive product strategy.

BetterCloud Logo

BetterCloud configured an Aha! ideas portal to collect feedback and send prioritized features to Jira.

Billtrust Logo

Billtrust set a consistent method for capturing ideas and providing status updates using an Aha! ideas portal.

Blibli Logo

Blibli created robust custom roadmaps and presentations for a variety of audiences.

Boise Cascade Logo

Boise Cascade centralized their product portfolio in Aha! to create a shared set of aligned goals.

BrightSpring Health Services Logo

BrightSpring Health Services achieved an enterprise transformation using Aha! to engage employees and drive innovation.

GuideStar USA Logo

Candid clearly identified necessary prelaunch activities, providing a holistic picture of what needs to be done.

CarePayment Logo

CarePayment united their daily tasks and big picture, empowering the whole organization to work in unity.

CaterTrax Logo

CaterTrax implemented Aha! to consolidate product management requests and strategic process planning.

CCG Analytics Logo

CCG Analytics defined strategic initiatives in Aha! to bring the entire product and development team together.

Certain, Inc. Logo

Certain documented their corporate vision and tied initiatives to the products within their hierarchy.

Change Healthcare Logo

Change Healthcare integrated Aha! with tools like Jira and Slack to streamline and connect their workflow process.

CheapCaribbean Logo

Cheap Carribbean implemented Aha! to streamline product planning from idea management through to delivery.

Cincom Systems Logo

Cincom provided stakeholders with more regular updates by using the Aha! reporting capabilities.

Clearswift Logo

Clearswift created Aha! custom fields in product features to understand work commitments before development begins.

Cloud Elements Logo

Cloud Elements defined a repeating monthly release to engineering with the Aha! integration with CA Agile Central.

CooperVision Logo

CooperVision utilized the features board to help their entire global organization stay on the same page.

Coveo Solutions Inc. Logo

Coveo adopted Aha! as the single source of truth for their product management team, increasing transparency.

This is the data action logo

Data Action gained valuable insights into what customers need by gathering requests via an Aha! ideas portal.

Databricks Logo

Databricks organized both task management and long term strategy using the two-way integration with Jira.

Deck Commerce Logo

Deck Commerce leveraged the features board to manage team capacity, strategy, and timelines.

Doccle Logo

Doccle transformed their idea process — from capture all the way down to implementation — with an ideas portal.

BuildTools Logo

ECI Software Solutions consolidated their product backlog and scheduled yearly releases, centralizing their planning process.

Educational Credential Evaluators Logo

ECE broke out of a sluggish product development roadmapping process, streamlining creation and sharing in Aha!

EducationSuperHighway Logo

EducationSuperHighway aligned teams across strategic goals using the Aha! roadmap and Gantt chart capabilities.

Eduphoria! Logo

Eduphoria! streamlined their process for creating features and requirements — no more hunting for documents.

Elements Logo

Elements created a standard way to capture and manage product data and create a more unified team.

Enplug logo

Enplug customized the settings of multiple idea portals, allowing them to keep submissions streamlined.

eWise Logo

eWise tracked releases throughout their international teams using features and releases to collaborate.

Experian Data Quality Logo

Experian gained visibility across their entire portfolio, better visualizing and planning what needed to be done.

Fibroblast Logo

Fibroblast located all product management information in a single place, instead of having them spread out.

Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and life sciences company Logo

This Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and life sciences company connected enterprise-level goals to product-level plans.

Fortune 500 US Government Integrator Logo

This Fortune 500 Government Integrator filled their product development lifecycle gaps by using Aha!

Frontline Education Logo

Frontline Education personalized their Aha! terminology and created custom fields to quickly report on roadmaps.

FullStory Logo

FullStory created customizable release schedule templates, allowing them to reduce communication friction.

GameDesire Logo

GameDesire used Aha! to review plans and assess risks, eliminating the need to navigate dozens of documents.

GB Group Logo

GB Group reduced the amount of duplicate effort needed when creating development features by using Aha!

This is the Genesys logo

Genesys established the perfect balance between flexibility and consistency.

Haymarket Media, Inc. Logo

Haymarket successfully produced short, medium, and long-term roadmaps, customized for the audience in Aha!

Health Network Laboratories Logo

Health Network Laboratories displayed portfolio data in a digestible format using the Aha! portfolio view. Logo created an efficient idea management process, giving customers better visibility into status of requests.

HireRight Logo

HireRight required each feature to be attached to a goal and initiative before it would be moved into development.

IMO Online Logo

IMO centralized management of their product roadmaps, providing real-time transparency for senior stakeholders.

inno360, Inc. Logo

inno360 visualized how they were progressing against releases dates by using the Aha! progress charts.

Internet of Artists

Internet of Artists aligned around a vision for what they wanted to achieve, providing clarity around priorities.

IST Logo

IST increased collaboration between product managers and engineering by integrating Aha! with Jira.

Banno Platform™ by Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.® Logo

Jack Henry & Associates aligned strategy and priorities across different teams.

Juvare Logo

Juarve brought a new level of visibility into their marketing work by tracking all of the cross-teams tasks and projects in a single location.

Kaufman Hall Logo

Kaufman Hall used epics in Aha! to break down user stories and assign work to sprints.

LexisNexis Logo

LexisNexis clearly articulated their product vision in a concise way that helped team members stay up to date.

LinkedIn Logo

LinkedIn achieved complete product visibility, solving a problematic product feedback loop.

Liquid Logo

Liquid improved organization, communication, ownership, and transparency across teams using the planning process in Aha!

Liquid Telecom Logo

Liquid Telecom increased product roadmap transparency and gave employees a central place to share ideas.

Litera Logo

Litera used the Aha! two-way integration with FogBugz to maintain alignment across teams.

ThriveHive Logo

Local iQ used roadmap visualizations to plan and communicate work to stakeholders.

Loudfund Logo

Loudfund defined everything from the market position down to the requirements for a modal using Aha! integration.

Lush Cosmetics Logo

Lush planned, managed, and reported on progress using vision building, goal setting, and project definitions in Aha!

Madison Logic Logo

Madison Logic provided real-time views into their product roadmaps, communicating any changes that were made.

MNG logo

MediaNews Group transformed their product management approach, putting strategy at the center of every decision.

Meltwater Logo

Meltwater used an Aha! ideas portal to review product features, routing each new idea to the right product manager.

Mercatus Logo

Mercatus Technologies crowdsourced feature ideas to determine which ideas will achieve high-level objectives.

MicroPact Logo

MicroPact seamlessly plugged into Jira, helping the engineering team tap into the strategic roadmap.

MLSListings Logo

MLS Listings linked features to track regression testing, allowing for a better picture of specific issues.

MobiTV Logo

MobiTV streamlined communication across groups by easing the time it took to add features, requirements, and to-dos.

MyJar Logo

MyJar translated business requests into development tickets in an improved process, resulting in flexible reports.

Newsweaver Logo

MyJar translated business requests into development tickets in an improved process, resulting in flexible reports.

OkCupid Logo

OkCupid used Aha! to get everyone working better together, with improved visibility into releases.

Orica Logo

Orica used Aha! to centralize roadmap definition, allowing them to align on priorities and deliver on their strategy.

Patterson Companies Logo

Patterson Companies standardized roadmap practices by defining initiatives and goals within Aha!

Paycor Logo

Paycor focused on customer needs by implementing Aha! to capture ideas and roadmaps in the same system.

People HR Logo

People HR gathered feedback using an Aha! ideas portal and made strategic decisions about what to implement.

Pepper Marketing Logo

Pepper Marketing used the kanban workflow to identify resourcing constraints and to keep projects moving quickly.

Pepperjam Logo

Pepperjam identified when resources and releases overlapped, allowing the product team to be more proactive.

PerformLine, Inc Logo

Performline compiled product info and strategy in Aha! to create alignment on how to position the product in the market.

Plated Logo

Plated mapped existing scrum processes and initiatives to build tactical execution plans around them.

Powerco Logo

Powerco followed a consistent structure starting with goals that flow into their plans — creating company alignment.

PowerReviews Logo

PowerReviews simplified their product planning by using the same tool for managing ideas and roadmapping. Logo leveraged the Aha! scorecard to rate, track, and prioritize features in a more strategic way.

ProspectSoft Ltd Logo

ProspectSoft managed product processes all in Aha! — from setting strategy to defining features and idea management.

pymetrics Logo

pymetrics used release roadmaps to visualize dependencies across their product, engineering, and marketing teams.

Racing Post Logo

Racing Post harnessed custom fields and reporting in Aha! to gain confidence and support from senior management.

Red Bee Media Logo

Red Bee Media created portfolio roadmaps for all products and managed services — now they can seamlessly track progress.

Red Hat Logo

Red Hat used Aha! to plan strategic IT initiatives and align plans to improve underlying business operations.

Relativity Logo

Relativity united disparate backlogs and created organized product lines and releases within Aha!

This is the RedMed logo

Resmed now has a product roadmap in one place that is visible to all stakeholders without constant, manual updates.

Ritani Logo

Ritani decreased overlapping parts of their workflow process and increased product efficiency by nearly 50 percent.

Royal Society of Chemistry Logo

Royal Society of Chemistry reduced time spent on managing requests by using an ideas portal and the Aha! scorecard.

Sandvine Logo

Sandvine standardized roadmaps, defined requirements, and prioritized customer requests with Aha!

SAP Concur Technologies Logo

Concur abandoned manual spreadsheet tracking in favor of the Aha! integration with Jira, which keeps teams in sync.

Scalable Software, Inc. Logo

Scalable used customized workflows in Aha! to match their processes, ensuring items were properly tracked.

Sensormatic Solutions Logo

Sensormatic built portfolio roadmaps in Aha! to connect plans across their hardware and software products.

Seven Bridges Genomics Logo

Seven Bridges Genomics used Aha! as the one place for product development and reduced communication overhead.

Sharecare Logo

Sharecare created a defined planning process, which enabled internal teams to set better expectations with clients.

Shutterstock Logo

Shutterstock set strategic planning in Aha! — allowing leadership to set the direction and establish priorities.

Siemens PTI Logo

Siemens used the features board to manage product roadmaps and presentations to create reports for stakeholders.

This is the SimpleLegal logo

SimpleLegal established product management practices and used ideas portals to better understand customer needs.

SkySpecs Logo

SkySpecs tracked multiple projects and customers, all while understanding the most important company goals.

Storyblocks Logo

Storyblocks provides unlimited stock for creatives with flexible subscription plans that fit any budget so you can create more, faster.

Stratasys Logo

Stratasys created a strong foundation for defining and building solutions and brought increased company visibility.

This is the Sunquest logo

Sunquest replaced an old ticketing process and implemented Aha! as the single source for all roadmap updates.

Sureshot Logo

Sureshot streamlined product management processes, improving cross-functional collaboration and accelerating feature delivery.

D. Swarovski KG Logo

Swarovski used Aha! as their single, online location to manage our projects, which improved their delivery speed.

Targetbase Logo

Targetbase coordinated complex strategy for clients in the same place they performed product planning activities.

ThinkTank Logo

ThinkTank used Aha! ideas portals to provide more transparency into product work.

TIBCO Software Inc. Logo

TIBCO product managers gained customer insights and increased productivity on product planning tasks using Aha!

TMW Systems, Inc. Logo

TMW Systems connected overall corporate and product strategy with features and requirements using Aha! workflows.

University of British Columbia Logo

UBC easily identified shared needs, cross-program dependencies, and resource constraints with Aha!

Localytics Logo

Upland Localytics created a workflow for product managers complete with discovery, validation, and usability activities.

Uplight Logo

Uplight brought all work into Aha! where collection, organization, and sharing happens in a single environment.

UST Global Logo

UST Global used Aha! to manage a complex portfolio —helping to bring critical digital transformations to customers.

VanMeijel Logo

VanMeijel built a product portfolio enabling the product team to see the status of each product in real-time.

VE Interactive Logo

Ve created specific roadmaps and used the features board to get all teams more involved with product management.

Voiceworks Logo

Voiceworks saved 10 hours per week in communications between product and various teams by implementing Aha!

Global Wavenet (Pty) Ltd Logo

Wavenet made product planning a priority and used the integration with Jira to ensure transparency with engineering.

Webflow Logo

Webflow deployed an Aha! ideas portal to better understand and prioritize customer needs.


Wiley used Aha! for a systematic approach to making strategic decisions, resulting in better company organization.

ZingChart Logo

ZingChart consolidated the use of several tools and a chaotic roadmapping process by implementing Aha!

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