Aha! ties our portfolio together in a single location

David I

Group Product Manager

We had a problem

Our product portfolio focuses on innovative crop solutions to increase food security — such as high-value seeds and pest management solutions. We deliver advanced digital agriculture solutions that support research and development, supply chain management, and commercial sales.

Previously, we struggled to track and communicate progress for enterprise-level strategic initiatives. This is because our product management information was stored in multiple locations and formats. We work with 190 engineering teams across our product, analytics, and data asset organizations. This makes it difficult to gather data and report on it in a consistent way. It was also challenging to balance business priorities with the needs of end users. Strategy leaders want to invest in new products and functionality that will move the business forward. End users want improvements to existing functionality. With limited time and resources, it was hard to satisfy both groups.

Aha! as a solution

Aha! makes it easy to see how our portfolio ties together. The ability to connect enterprise-level goals with product-level plans allows us to set strategy in a more effective way. We also have better visibility into what different product teams are working on. This lets us see where cross-team dependencies are holding up work.

Aha! allows us to standardize our product management processes while providing the flexibility to adapt to our organization’s unique way of working.

Our organization is distributed, so having a single system of record is essential to stay aligned. Now, everyone can easily share information and collaborate on implementation plans. Aha! also ensures that teams follow the same process, so we can work together more efficiently.

We integrate Aha! with other important applications in our tool stack — such as Jira, Slack, and GitHub Enterprise. This gives each team the flexibility to decide how they manage the tactical execution of their work.

Life is good

Product managers now build roadmaps within the context of the overall portfolio. This makes it easier to prioritize features that support the business strategy and address end users’ needs. It also gives leaders better insight into what end users want.

We are amazed by the responsiveness and expertise of the Aha! Customer Success team. It is great to work with a company that is deeply committed to helping their customers succeed.

Now that our product management information is in one place, we can quickly generate reports in a consistent way. This makes it easier to communicate our strategy and how we are progressing against it. We can also see how cross-team dependencies and technical integrations impact our plans.