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AI-powered product information hub

Share all of your product documents with customers and colleagues in a central place

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The best way to centralize product information

An image of an internal wiki for capturing and sharing team information using Aha! product documentation software

Set up internal wikis

Capture and share information with the team. Bring all of your disparate documents together so you finally have a single source of product truth.

  • Store product and process documents together

  • Set user permissions to manage access

  • Organize documents with folders

Consolidate your product documents

An image of a knowledge base for sharing product information with customers and colleagues using Aha! product documentation software

Create a knowledge base

Empower customers and colleagues with the resources they need to be successful. Create unlimited sites for different products and audiences.

  • Choose private or public user access

  • Brand each site with your logo and colors

  • Manage how documents are published

Build a private or public knowledge site

An image of the collaborative text editor in Aha! product documentation software

Craft beautiful documents

Take control of your content. A world-class text editor provides everything you need to collaboratively create, edit, and polish documents.

  • Use templates to drive consistency

  • Embed visuals you craft on whiteboards

  • View a complete version history

Document your way

We can all just stay in Aha! rather than jumping around amongst a cobbled-together assortment of disparate tools. It’s a real productivity boost.

Bruce Johnson

Former COO and co-founder, FullStory

An image of the built-in AI writing assistant in Aha! product documentation software

Work faster with AI

Produce high-quality drafts in record time. From research summaries to product announcements, our built-in AI writing assistant is on hand to help.

  • Choose a prompt and enter key points

  • Turn raw notes into a concise summary

  • Edit existing content for style and errors

Jump-start your writing

An image of a workflow diagram created using built-in whiteboards in Aha! product documentation software

Add visual diagrams

Make complex concepts easier to understand. Use our built-in whiteboard capabilities to represent data flows, system architectures, and more.

  • Use sophisticated drawing functionality

  • Co-design diagrams with colleagues

  • Get going with nearly 100 templates

Use built-in whiteboarding

Why customers love Aha! Knowledge

Centralize everything

Create team wikis and customer knowledge sites with one tool — bringing everything together to expand product and process understanding.

Create lovable documentation

Use templates to do your best work: Standardize how you capture information, co-create content with the team, and streamline reviews.

Communicate with AI

Optimize the content creation process using a powerful built-in AI writing assistant to document faster and refine what you have already written.

Whiteboard concepts

Use our powerful whiteboarding capabilities at no additional cost so you can include models, diagrams, architectures, and process flows.

Set permissions

Decide whether each knowledge base is private or public and control who can view, edit, and create information.

Streamline product development

Use Aha! Knowledge and Aha! Roadmaps together to ensure your product planning and product documentation processes connect seamlessly.

Knowledge - customer love

Explore more than 100 expertly crafted templates

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