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Process improvement

Standardize team processes for improved efficiency and collaboration

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About the process improvements template

There are no shortcuts to delivering exceptional results. But putting the right processes in place certainly helps facilitate better teamwork.

With this template, you can apply your own best practices to any team process, procedure, or workflow. A repeatable framework saves time and ensures consistency across the team. Of course, you can adjust sections, add tables, or embed images to further clarify the approach. And be sure to make process documentation readily accessible so everyone can refer to it when needed.

As your team evolves, be willing to reexamine processes and replace what is not working with something new. Together you will realize increased agility as you learn, adjust, and do it again.

Best practices

Streamline the why, what, and how of shared processes.

  1. Prioritize wisely Determine which team processes are working and where breakdowns are happening. Agree on any processes that would benefit from an update or overhaul — making clear what your intended outcome is.

  2. Summarize and set context As you begin to define a new process, provide relevant context so the team understands when the process should (or should not) be applied.

  3. Dig into details Break down the process into clear and concise steps. The more specific you can be, the better. Then, assign responsibility to reinforce accountability. This helps ensure successful implementation and reduces the risk of errors.

  4. Stay connected Link out to useful resources so the team knows where to look to get more details. Provide training opportunities and give everyone time to adjust to the new process. Be sure to check in with folks to see how everything is going — schedule a future date to assess or refresh the process again.

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