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In addition to commenting on an entire whiteboard, you can also add comments to individual whiteboard objects to add feedback about something specific, or add comments to a general area of a whiteboard to weigh in on broader themes.

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Add an inline comment

From a whiteboard:

  • Select the Comment icon at the bottom of your screen and click anywhere on your whiteboard to start a conversation. This will add a numbered orange dot to the location of your comment.

  • Type out your first comment to start a conversation and click Save comment.

You can also add a comment to a specific object on your whiteboard by selecting the object and clicking the Comment icon in its toolbar.

Comments will appear in numbered order in the right sidebar of your whiteboard. You can turn a comment into a threaded conversation by replying to it.

When your conversation has been addressed or sufficiently discussed, click the Resolve button located on the header of the conversation. When a comment is resolved, the color of the numbered dot will change from orange to green.


View comments

Anyone with access to your whiteboard can view the comments that users have added to it. Comments will appear in the sidebar on the right of your screen. It will be collapsed by default — but you can click the << icon to open it. If there are unresolved comments on your whiteboard, a Comment icon with an orange dot will show here as well.

All unresolved comments will appear in the sidebar. Check the box next to Show resolved in your Comments side panel to show all resolved comments.

Click a comment in the Comments sidebar to navigate to the area of it the whiteboard it is added to. Likewise, click an orange numbered dot on your whiteboard to navigate to its corresponding comment in the Comments sidebar.

Users accessing your whiteboard from guest accounts will not see or be able to add comments to your whiteboard.


More options

Comments are a great way to start a conversation — and sometimes they are worth sharing individually. The More options menu on each comment enables you to do a few useful actions:

  • Cut objects cuts the comment so it can be pasted elsewhere on your whiteboard.

  • Paste objects pastes a comment you have previously cut from another area of your whiteboard.

  • Copy link to object copies a directly link to your comment that you can share with someone. When they click it, it will direct them to the area of the whiteboard that where the comment is added.

  • Group objects groups comments when you have multiple comments selected.

  • Ungroup objects ungroups comments that have been previously grouped.

  • Lock will lock a comment to your whiteboard or an object so it cannot be moved.

  • Delete will remove a comment completely.


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