Aha! Ideas workspace settings

Workspace-level settings affect a particular workspace in your Aha! Ideas account. This article will explain each workspace setting in the Workspace section of the workspace settings.

Open your workspace settings by navigating to Settings ⚙ → Workspace. You will need to be a workspace owner to do this.

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Configure: Custom layouts

The first setting section helps you to adjust the way that fields are laid out on ideas, votes, and forms in your workspace and ideas portals.

To create, edit, or delete a custom layout, you will need to be an administrator with customization permissions ((navigate to Settings ⚙️→ Account → Custom layouts to do this), but workspace owners can select which layouts get applied to the record types in their workspace.

You can choose to Inherit record layouts from the next level up in your workspace hierarchy. You can also work through each of the available record types and decide one-by-one whether you would like to inherit or select your own custom layouts.

  • Ideas

  • Ideas form

  • Ideas portal

  • Ideas proxy votes (Available to Ideas Advanced users and Aha! Roadmaps accounts created before October 20, 2020 include this functionality)

  • Ideas portal proxy votes (Available to Ideas Advanced users and Aha! Roadmaps accounts created before October 20, 2020 include this functionality)

For each record type, use the custom layout dropdown to select the layout you want the record to display in your current workspace. If you want to edit the custom layout you have selected (and you have the proper user permissions), hover over a record type and click Edit layout.



Your team will work best in Aha! if they can work with language that they are used to. Your team might want to refer to ideas as "requests," for example.

The Terminology setting section allows you to customize the names of Aha! record types in your workspace — or use the default Aha! Ideas terminology.

  • Select Use default terminology if you would like to retain the default terminology for your workspace.

  • Select Customize terminology to customize the terminology for workspaces and ideas. You can also click this option to see the default terminology and adjust it as needed. Click Update terminology to save your changes.

The names you enter in this menu will be displayed everywhere in the workspace except the Settings pages.

Note: If you choose to customize the terminology for a workspace, Aha! will display your customized term in any place that it refers specifically to that workspace. Aha! will still use the term “workspace” when referring to the general concept of a workspace or to a group of workspaces.


Workflow approval groups

Workflow approval groups are groups of Aha! users that approve or reject approval to-dos in a fixed custom workflow. You will use them in four different areas in your Aha! account:

  • Create the workflow approval group at the account level. Choose a name that defines the group, such as Marketing or Design.

  • Populate the workflow approval group users at the workspace level.

Read this article for more information on workflow approvals.


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