September 23, 2016 release notes


  • Our latest GitHub Issues update makes it easy to create and save integration configuration templates. This capability was initially launched for JIRA and then Rally integrations and is now available for our GitHub Issues customers. This is a big time saver for companies that have a large number of products and GitHub repositories that they manage. Set up the integration template once and then reuse for setting up integrations across your portfolio of products. Things you should know about the setup include the following:

    • GitHub integration configurations are earmarked as templates by clicking on the Actions - Use as a template checkbox.

    • Click on the same Actions menu when creating new integrations and select the template you wish to use.

    • Once a configuration template is applied to a new integration, select which mappings should adhere to the template settings and those that need to be customized.


  • An issue has been corrected that caused file uploads to occasionally take longer than they should.

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