December 16, 2016 release notes


  • You can now add custom fields on requirements in the same manner they are created and managed for all other data objects. Custom fields are valuable for adding additional metadata required for planning, filtering, and reporting on your roadmaps and include the following types: Text, number, date, URL, users, personas, scorecard, tags, editable choice lists and predefined lists. Noteworthy details include the following:

    • The feature and requirement Actions menu both include options to convert a feature to a requirement and a requirement to a feature respectively. Custom field values will automatically transfer in the process (similar to how idea custom fields can carry over to Features and Initiatives when promoted) as long as the custom fields meet the following criteria:

      • Both are the same custom field type

      • Both have the identical key name

      • Both have the fields visible on their custom field layouts

    • Integrations are not yet supported for custom fields on requirements. However, this capability is in the works for JIRA, Rally, and TFS/VSTS integrations.


  • The Product - Notes page has been updated to include a Rearrange button to help prevent incidents of accidentally rearranging the tree. Clicking the Rearrange button allows the tree structure to be edited. The button title will then change to Done for when you wish to toggle back to the tree being uneditable.

  • If navigating to the Features - Board view when having a product line selected in the product dropdown, the display for choosing a product will now show the product hierarchy for that branch of the hierarchy tree according to the product menu order.

  • If the Releases - Roadmap view contains either phases or features that share the same start date, the display order is semi-random. This has been updated so that they will now be secondarily sorted alphabetically by name and also applies to the order in which phases will appear in the Releases - Details view.

  • The idea portal welcome email to set the password will no longer be sent to new idea portal users when using SSO.

  • Idea portal users set up to use SSO will no longer be able to modify their email or name since those attributes are controlled by the SSO system.

  • User experience updates were made to number fields displayed in the Product - Custom tables view and corresponding Master-detail relationship tables. Numbers are now right aligned similar to how you would see a number displayed in a spreadsheet. The prefix/suffix appears as you enter information and the input field grows in size to accommodate all the digits and slides the prefix over as needed to maintain the correct appearance.

  • The audit records for Persona custom field updates now display the persona name instead of an unidentifiable ID.


  • Removing all feature workflow statuses results in breaking the ability to import features from JIRA. To prevent this from happening, Aha! will now prevent deleting all workflow statuses from a custom workflow.

  • Marking a release with a shipped status correctly marks the feature and its source idea as shipped. However, subscribers to the idea weren't receiving email notifications with this workflow. This has been corrected so that subscribers will now receive notifications regardless of whether an individual feature is updated to a shipped status or it is inherited from the release being updated with a shipped status.

  • Choosing to use the same custom scorecard for both ideas and features will automatically transfer the idea score to the feature score when promoting the idea to a feature. While the individual metrics were properly transferred, the overall composite score for the feature was not computing correctly. This has been fixed.

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