April 1, 2016 release notes


  • The getting started experience for new trialists has been significantly revamped helping to improve the first time user experience and making it easier for new users to get started. At the heart of the redesign is the new Trial Center. Here are some of the highlights and new features to help users get rolling with Aha!:

    • The Trial Center provides guided interactive tours to teach users about setup and best practices for each core section of the application. Guided tours are provided for the following: Manage features, Create releases, Build roadmap, Add strategy, Capture ideas, Build reports, Share notebooks, Manage users, and Customize account.

    • The Trial Center is designed to work in conjunction with the Fredwin Software demo environment that is optionally installed during the process of setting up your trial account.

    • The user can transition from the Trial Center demo product tour to setting up their own products whenever they choose but can always return to the demo tour for an overview of the next section they wish to setup.

    • Clicking on the support icon now provides contextual Help consisting of relevant videos and support articles for that section. Also included is a link for contacting support and the option to Show tooltips after they have been disabled.

    • Users can take advantage of the same tooltips in the guided tour to walk them through their product setup and they can choose to turn them off when they are no longer needed.

    • Newly added products will now automatically be created with an example for each of the following: goal, initiative, release, feature, and idea.

    • A persistent banner for returning to the Trial Center is displayed across the top of the screen for the duration of the trial period. Upon converting to a subscription account, the Trial Center is no longer accessible. However, the tooltips will remain.

  • The demo environment that is optionally installed and is highly recommended with new trial accounts for taking full advantage of the Trial Center has been updated with several improvements. It now includes ideas (but not an idea portal) as well as several other updates that better reflect best practices and are highlighted in the new Trial Center guided tours. If your trial account was setup without the demo environment, it can always be added by clicking on Settings - Account - Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the gray Create Demo Product button.

  • URL field has been added as a new custom field type providing a clickable URL field in the drawer page that opens the web page in a new tab. This allows for linking products, releases, features, etc. to other internal systems, thus streamlining internal processes and allowing for direct connections to relevant information residing elsewhere.


  • Clicking on the feature start on and due on date fields while not selecting a date would automatically fill-in the value as 1970-01-01 and there was no option to clear out the date. This behavior has been corrected.

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