April 8, 2016 release notes


  • It is now possible to customize the look and feel of your feature cards by calling attention to key information such as assignee, Aha! score, persona, estimate, goal, initiative name, tags, due dates, or even custom fields.

    Configuration options include the following:

    • Product owners can create feature card templates via Settings - Product - Configure to standardize templates across products and teams. Default views can be set at the product level or at the product line level to set a default view across multiple products.

    • Product owners and contributors can click the Customize feature card button on the Features - Board to customize individual views on the board.

    • The custom cards are created via drag and drop, moving fields from the list of attributes to either the collapsed or expanded feature card views (as both view types can be customized).

    • Add rows to include additional information or reset the view back to the defaults.

  • The Rally integration now supports configuring multiple integrations with different workspaces. The integration previously only worked with the Default Workspace.

  • Email notifications sent to watchers for feature and idea updates have been updated to reflect the UI redesign of all drawer and detail pages within the application.

  • For pivot reports, sort cell options now display only the cell values within the report.


  • Parking lot features sent to Trello will no longer populate the due date field in Trello cards.

  • When copying a parking lot release and then updating the newly created parking lot release to an active release (by unchecking the Actions - Parking lot check box), the feature rank order was not being maintained. This has now been corrected.

  • The Filter by Release Phase filters - Release phase name, Release phase starts, Release phase ends - didn't take into account other applied filters. This behavior has been modified to work as expected.

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