Note: This article refers to features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see “activities" in your workspace.

Aha! Roadmaps | Customize feature and activity cards

Feature cards display the key details needed to help you easily navigate through your work items. They can include feature name, assignee, due date, goal/initiative names, custom fields, and many others.

Feature card designs are completely customizable. This article explains how to design feature cards so you can quickly scan and locate your features.

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Customize your feature cards

To customize the feature cards that appear on your user profile, navigate to Features Board and click the Customize cards icon. You can also customize cards for the workflow board located at Features Workflow. These configurations will be unique to you and will not impact others on your team.

Clicking the Customize cards icon will launch the Customize feature and epic cards modal window, which has many options to set up your feature cards:

  • Choose from any of the data fields that you may have added for your workspace, including custom fields. To add these elements onto the card, simply drag and drop them onto the card preview.

  • Add an image or gif to your feature or epic cards by checking the Show card image box. The card's image will be an image of the first attachment on the card.

  • Toggle between Expanded view or Collapsed view to customize the design for the expanded feature card or the collapsed feature card.

  • If you have epics enabled within your workspace, you can customize the epic cards as well. Just click on the Epic card tab to create the layout you prefer for both collapsed and expanded views.

  • Epics and features can be displayed together on the same board by enabling the Show epics setting. When this setting is enabled, the epic name and reference ID will appear in a tab above the feature card.

Set a default feature card

You can also set a default layout in your workspace settings that everyone on your team can use. To customize the default card that is set for everyone in your organization, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Configure Card customizations Customize card layouts. This setting will allow you to customize the default feature card for your workspace. Or, if you prefer, the feature card design can be inherited from the workspace line.

You must be an owner to configure the default feature card appearance.


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