May 3, 2019 release notes

This week, we added the ability to view master features on the Gantt chart. This improvement helps you visualize how features and master features relate to one another in chronological order as you make progress on your releases and plans.


  • The image editor for creative briefs has been improved with crop, zoom, and rotate options to help you grab the perfect banner image for your brief.

  • You can now keep objects in Aha! notebook slides aligned vertically or horizontally by holding the Shift key as you drag an object on a slide.

  • History has been improved with new event entries for create, update, and delete actions on master-detail relationship custom fields.

  • We have improved the experience for users that work with multiple Aha! browser tabs at the same time. The product selection dropdown will no longer automatically change if you are working on more than one product in separate tabs at the same time.


  • An issue with the Gantt chart was causing features that were already on the Gantt chart to appear in the Add existing features modal.

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