November 15, 2019 release notes


This week, we enhanced the Aha! and Azure DevOps integration by allowing you to display the Azure DevOps sprint on Aha! features and master features.

Support - November 15, 2019 release notes - inline image


  • We made several improvements to presentations this week:

  • On the Features → Board, we have expanded the More options menu beside each release to make your most frequent actions easier to get to. In addition to adding a record (feature or master feature) and reranking the release, you can now ship the release or open the release details view.

  • Viewers and reviewers can now access idea-related records (such as idea comments, idea endorsements, and idea subscribers) through the Aha! API.


  • When creating a feature, an issue was preventing feature description templates from updating when you changed the feature type.

  • If you attempted to send records to Jira with a bulleted list where a sub-bullet had text that started with quotation marks, an issue was causing the Jira sync to error.

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