March 29, 2019 release notes


A few weeks ago, we launched an integration with Google Analytics to help our customers see and compare results from their marketing plans. The integration was available exclusively on marketing workspaces.

This week, we expanded the integration with Google Analytics to include products. The integration now helps product managers compare engagement levels and make data-driven decisions using key metrics on user behavior.

Once you enable the integration in your product, an Engagement section appears on your records. This is where you can add and view measurements from Google Analytics.


  • The starter roadmap has been improved with a more elegant way of wrapping text descriptions that exceed the available space within the visual roadmap bars.

  • The Settings Product Import from CSV tool has been improved with the ability to import score metrics for master features and master activities.

  • On list reports, the Merged into idea field now displays the reference ID and description of the idea.


  • An issue was causing list report views to inconsistently display links on published notebooks. List report views do not have links in published notebooks.

  • An issue with the custom roadmap was preventing the Release start date field from appearing as a sorting option.

  • An issue with pivot reports was causing inconsistent page breaks on PDF exports.

  • An issue with user permissions was preventing reviewers from setting tags and record links on ideas.

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