April 12, 2019 release notes


This week, we added the ability to filter calculation columns. This makes finding the exact set of data you need a faster process.

  • When a calculation column is created, its corresponding filter is automatically added to the report.

  • The filter can be removed. If you wish to add it back, you can do that via the Add filter button.

  • If the column is removed, the filter is automatically removed as well.

  • If the column is renamed, the filter’s name will automatically update when the page refreshes.


  • In a table, you can now align text in a cell vertically (top, middle, or bottom). Right-click on a cell or a highlighted group of cells to see formatting options.

  • If a custom field is visible to users in an ideas portal, you can now use it to search for ideas in the portal.

  • You can now duplicate an Aha! notebook slide by right-clicking on it and selecting Duplicate slide.

  • You can also add a notebook slide directly from the notebook slide editor, using the Add slide button.

  • We have increased the maximum number of slides in a notebook to 50.

  • The button that allows you to create a new calendar, report, roadmap, notebook, or chart has been renamed to Create new <report type .

  • The field, Feature last status change, is now available for use in calculation column equations.


  • An issue with Aha! scorecards was causing incorrect maximum score metric values.

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