August 30, 2019 release notes


This week, we added Markdown support for the Aha! text editor. You can now organize your thoughts and format your text without taking your hands off the keyboard — or slowing down. Click here for a full list of shortcuts.


  • We've made the process for importing data into Aha! by CSV file more intuitive:

    • The import wizard will display fields, custom fields, and scorecard values with names as they are used in your Aha! account, rather than their internal names.

    • You can use those familiar field and value names in your CSV import as well.

    • Whether you use a workspace's prefix ("PROD") or name ("Product") it will automatically map correctly.

  • You can now link a release to a master release directly from that release's More options menu.

  • If you log in to Aha! by way of a shared view's secure URL, Aha! will take you to that shared view after you log in.

  • You can now provide an SSL client certificate for any Aha! 2.0 integration. Once configured, Aha! will pass the certificate to the server on integration requests.


  • An issue was preventing the Enable master features button on user story maps from enabling master features.

  • An issue was preventing users from dragging feature cards around on user story maps when master features were disabled.

  • An issue was causing presentation slide elements to format incorrectly when exported to a PDF in a few specific situations.

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