May 24, 2019 release notes


  • A new Product line type field has been added on the Product line Overview page.

  • The Update report button on the portfolio roadmap has been renamed to Update roadmap.

  • Assignees on to-dos can now remove other assignees. Prior to this change, if an assignee tried to remove another assignee, they received an error message.


  • An issue with the feature detail drawer was preventing users from seeing the expanded view for requirements on the drawer.

  • An issue with custom equations was causing the year function to return an error instead of the year for a specific date.

  • An issue with the import data from CSV tool was preventing successful uploads when using some types of CSV files.

  • An issue was causing the text editor toolbar to be misaligned when viewing text descriptions in full screen mode.

  • An issue was causing analytics reports to inaccurately sort annual quarters for customers that use a customized fiscal year.

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