September 6, 2019 release notes


This week, we added 13 new keyboard shortcuts. Now you have even more commands at your fingertips — including switching between workspaces, starting a new search, creating records, and much more. You can access all the new commands in Aha! by typing the ? key.


  • A new security webhook integration makes it easier for you to review security-related Aha! events.

  • When bulk editing records, the Product field will now let you select product lines and marketing lines, as well as workspaces.

  • The Aha! custom object records API now allows you to see and update what workspace a custom record belongs to, using the product_id field.

  • A tooltip now appears in comments on images. So you can hover over an emoji reaction to see who left it.

  • You can now send the Release owner field from Aha! to any development tool you have integrated.


  • If a user followed a link to a specific presentation slide, an issue was directing the user to the first slide of the presentation.

  • An issue was causing the Info Files page to show up with fewer records than normal.

  • An issue was causing improper vote counts for ideas when a merged idea was unmerged.

  • An issue was causing slides to be copied when copying text in to-dos on a presentation.

  • If a user changed the milestone on a GitHub issue or pull request, Aha! was not reflecting the change.

  • Bitbucket has been removed as an option for API integrations. The Bitbucket commit hook will continue to work to integrate Aha! with Bitbucket.

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