Note: This article refers to releases and features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see "schedules" and “activities" in your workspace.

Aha! Roadmaps | Create and share your first roadmap

With your data imported, your team alongside you, and your integrations enabled, it is time to create your first roadmap. Roadmaps visualize your strategy so your audience can immediately grasp how your work is progressing. Roadmaps in Aha! Roadmaps link to your actual data, so that as your strategy updates, your roadmap can as well. We recommend beginning with the starter roadmap.

The starter roadmap is special. In fact, you can create one before you do anything else in your Aha! Roadmaps account, if you like. The starter roadmap creates Aha! Roadmaps records as you add data to it. You can share it almost immediately with teammates outside your account.

To get started, navigate to Roadmaps Starter.

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Set your strategy

Great plans start with a clear strategy that is customer- and market-driven. So the first step in building a great roadmap is to add goals and initiatives. This allows you to communicate the strategic vision to the executive team.

First, drag a goal from the Create new menu on the right. Then you can add it as a swimlane to the far left and give it a name.

Next, drag an initiative and drop it onto your roadmap. Adjust the start and end dates by selecting and dragging either end of the bar.


Create a release

After you set your strategy, it is time to add a release. Be sure to include the details you need to manage and track progress over time.

Drag a bar from the Create new menu and drop it onto your roadmap. The starter roadmap will highlight the areas where your item can be dropped.

Add records on new or existing rows to customize the look and feel of your roadmap.


Add features

Finally, you can easily add features that your team will be working on. Keep in mind that you can demonstrate how that work rolls up to releases and link it all back to goals and initiatives in Aha! Roadmaps — this makes it easy to tie your strategy to the execution.


View and edit details

With the data added to your roadmap, you can click on each item and open up its record drawer. This will allow you to fill in descriptions, add attachments, and more. We try to keep the default fields limited to what is important to every customer. If there is additional information your team would like to capture, you can also add custom fields.


Add your roadmap to a presentation

To share your roadmap, click the Share menu, then click Add to presentation. Presentations are collections of slides that let you share visual roadmaps — or almost any page in Aha! Roadmaps — and keep your stakeholders informed.

Any view that can be added to an Aha! Roadmaps presentation can also be saved as an image or a PDF. This allows you to export images from Aha! Roadmaps into a document or presentation that you are creating outside of your Aha! Roadmaps account. To save a view as an image, click the Share menu and export it to PNG image. To save a view as a PDF, click the Share menu and export it to PDF document.

Saved views can also be shared using the Share as webpage option, which will generate a secure URL that automatically updates with the latest changes as progress is made on your workspace.

Note: You can also add your new roadmap to a dashboard. Dashboards combine several Aha! reports, roadmaps, or charts into a single view for focused conversation.


Share your presentation

Share your visual roadmaps from Roadmaps Presentations overview. The presentations can be shared as PDFs or webpages. Both options allow you to share your visual presentation with anyone, whether or not they are a part of your Aha! Roadmaps account.

  • The Generate PDF option allows you to export your presentation to a PDF document.

  • The Generate secure webpage option allows you to share your presentation through a randomly generated, secure URL. The presentation pages will be presented in a click-through slide show.

You can click on each slide within a presentation to customize what is shown. This includes the ability to annotate the slide, add multiple Aha! Roadmaps views to a single slide, and even add blank slides.

Any presentation can be deleted, but we recommend you simply revoke access if you no longer want to share a presentation as a webpage. To delete a web presentation, click the More options menu on the top-right of the page and select Delete web page presentation.

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Getting started

If you have followed this series of guides from the beginning, congratulations! Reach out to our Product Success team if you have any other questions about getting started with your Aha! Roadmaps account.

If you are starting with this article, then welcome! This article is part of a series designed to help you get started in Aha! Roadmaps. Click any of the links below to move on.

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