August 4, 2023 release notes

New to all Aha! accounts

You can now create your very own whiteboard templates and quickly turn existing notes and whiteboards into templates too.

save a whiteboard as a template

See what else is new:

All Aha! accounts


  • You can now search all settings by page name from the search bar in the upper left of your personal, workspace, and account settings. Only settings you have permission to access will appear in search results.

  • Add folders to workspace or personal documents to keep your notes and whiteboards organized.

  • Move a to-do to a different record from its More options menu.

    Feature drawer open in front of a features board, showing the ability to move a to-do.

Aha! Roadmaps



  • We repaired an issue that was preventing some of the bars on published roadmaps from showing.

  • When an Aha! user adds an idea in a submit-only portal, we will no longer create a portal user for them. Instead they will be asked to login with their Aha! user account. This will help keep all of a user's ideas organized in one place.


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