February 17, 2023 release notes

New to Aha! Ideas and Aha! Roadmaps

Ideas portal users can choose to submit comments privately, so they can share insights directly with the product team.

private comments in an ideas portal

Note: Private comments are disabled by default. You can enable private comments in your ideas portal settings.


  • When editing the Create form in a custom layout, you can now edit fields just like you can on the View layout. Click the More options button to edit or remove a field from a layout.

  • If you customized your terminology to include an acronym (such as calling an idea an “ABC priority”), we now appropriately pluralize that additional word (such as “ABC priorities”).

  • Aha! Develop users can now drag and drop multiple records at once. You can select multiple records with Command+click (Mac) or CTRL+click (PC).

Plan update

  • The Aha! Create Basic plan now includes five documents for all accounts created on or after February 15, 2023.

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