April 7, 2023 release notes

Aha! Roadmaps


  • Help the team understand your market landscape with the new market requirements document (MRD) note template. Click here to open the MRD template.

  • We have added two new automation rules:

    • You can now copy a date from one custom or standard date field to another.

    • You can now copy an epic's initiative link to its child features.

  • You can now bulk edit custom fields you have added to workspaces from list reports.

  • You can now rerank features and epics in a release on the features board or the epics board by any custom number field. Click Rerank features by Custom field to select the custom field you want to use to rerank records.

    Rerank features or releases by custom field

Aha! Develop


  • Use the new Promote to workspace action to move work from a technical backlog to the product roadmap.

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