September 15, 2023 release notes

New to all Aha! accounts

You can now add comments and respond inline on whiteboards in Aha! software — making it easier than ever to give and receive feedback.

inline comments added to a whiteboard

New to Aha! Ideas and Aha! Roadmaps

Sales and support teams can now see all linked customer requests — including those for opportunities and cases — on the account page in Salesforce.

Aha! Idea status in Salesforce Lightning.

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All Aha! accounts



Aha! Roadmaps


  • You can now choose to include or ignore delivery risks for records in parking lots. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Delivery risks and use the toggle next to Check records in parking lots to configure delivery risks for parking lots.

  • Watchers will now receive a notification when a user manually flags a record At risk — so stakeholders can stay informed when work is at risk.

  • The following conditions will flag a record as At risk for all customers tracking delivery risks:

    • Dependencies not started

    • Dependencies past due

    • Started late

    • No assignee

    • No detailed estimate


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