May 5, 2023 release notes

New to all Aha! accounts

Use the new clip tool to cut out sections of a screenshot or image in Aha! whiteboards — so you can repurpose existing designs however you like.

See what else is new:

All Aha! accounts


  • The Aha! integration with GitHub now supports GitHub Projects.

  • You can now view the change history of custom layouts. Click the More options button next to a custom layout from your account settings and select History for a list of changes.

  • You can now filter and report on dependent records in list reports.

  • We have removed the Share as webpage links on reports for users who are not the report owner, an account admin, or who do not have permission to access the workspace where the report is shared.

  • Scorecards will now display calculated scores with decimals when applicable. Scorecard metrics will remain integers.

  • We have added additional emojis to the the Stamp emoji tool in whiteboards.

  • You can now adjust the opacity on images you have added to whiteboards.

  • You can now adjust right-angled connectors on whiteboards to make diagrams easier to read and more visually appealing. Click and drag the dot on a connector to adjust the segment horizontally or vertically.


Aha! Roadmaps


We have disabled the Add slide button and added a tooltip when presentations have reached their 50-slide limit.


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