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Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software. We started the company in 2013 with a simple idea — to build a company that customers and employees would love. (And to do it with no venture funding, offices, or salespeople.) Our vision and mission have not wavered. We aspire for a world of lovable software built by happy teams. Today more than 500,000 users at many of the world's best-known companies trust our software to build a better future.

The companies that succeed in today's dynamic markets are the ones that lead with a bold vision and connect strategy to their work. And the most value comes when teams work together. This takes discipline and requires a goal-first approach, thoughtful prioritization, and cross-functional planning. Our products, services, and partners help companies transform old, inefficient ways of innovating into a fresh new approach.

Everyone enjoys getting meaningful work done. We want you to (re)discover your joy for work — that sense of confidence, impact, and swagger that makes you say, “I’ve got this.” Aha! helps teams be their best and be happy.

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Lovability in action

Many people would say that love and business make an odd pairing. We have been fortunate to find that the opposite is true. Customer and employee love is a metric we track at Aha! because it is a real measure of engagement and business performance.

We take a human-centered approach and reject the growth-at-all-costs mentality that is standard for so many SaaS companies today. Our focus is on building mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we work with. The Aha! way is definitely unconventional but we know it works.

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Life is short and every minute matters. Why spend it doing anything less than meaningful work with people you care about? Let us help you find even greater inspiration and a few new approaches to be your best.

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