April 14, 2017 release notes


  • The Fredwin demo product has been updated to include Master features. Master features are turned off by default for the Fredwin Cycling product. However, they can be enabled by going to Settings - Product - Configure. Once enabled, sample Master features will be available in your account to try.

  • Shortcut links to master features can now be searched and mentioned from text fields and in Aha! Notes. To mention a Master feature link, simply type "#" and search by Master feature name or object ID.

  • Report view hyperlinks on Notebook page cards are now styled as hyperlinks and Saved views also include a bookmark icon. These hyperlinks make it easy to navigate to the original view from the notebook collaboration page.

  • Password requirements are now specified in a tool-tip when updating your Aha! password.

  • The list of idea portal users is now filtered to the specific portal the idea was submitted in when updating the idea creator field.

  • Saved views you created are now included in the My views toggle, even if they are also shared views made available to other Aha! users.

  • Milestones now include a start and end date, so they can be included when reporting on end dates for all release phases. This improvement allows users to include both milestones and phases in custom roadmap reports displaying any timeframe.

  • Custom fields within custom tables can now be added as columns for reporting.

  • Ideas marked as spam are no longer included in the ideas API response. You can use a query string to return spam ideas if you wish to review via the API.


  • The Reports - Hierarchy view displayed an error when it contained Master features that were tied to a master release.

  • An authorization failed message was being triggered when adding a feature to a newly created Master feature.

  • Releases containing Master features triggered an error when copied.

  • Attempting to view goals in Aha! created via the API triggered an error.

  • Users could change the original estimate of a Feature when a 0 value work log was added.

  • Reviewers were allowed to edit existing Master features in some circumstances.

  • The Zendesk integration app modal window was not scrolling or resizing correctly making it difficult to associate tickets to ideas in some browser dimensions.

  • Custom table objects were not visible for reporting on Master feature relationships.

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