July 14, 2017 release notes


  • The last comment can now be added to reports from the Initiative and Master feature tables. This allows users to pull the latest comment from initiative and master feature records into reports by adding the "Initiative last comment" or "Master feature last comment" column.


  • Drop-down selection fields when importing from CSV are now searchable making it much easier for users to identify the specific product records they are importing to and the specific fields they are mapping CSV columns to. This is particularly valuable for large accounts with complex product hierarchies and many custom fields.

  • Edits made to release phases and initiatives from the detail drawer on the starter roadmap now immediately update the roadmap instead of requiring a page refresh.


  • Master feature statuses were not being migrated to the newly mapped statuses when a new custom feature workflow was applied to a product.

  • Notebook SSO was pointing to the wrong endpoint domain preventing some SSO users from accessing notebooks with advanced security enabled.

  • Custom table type custom field values were not getting carried over to the corresponding feature and initiative records when ideas were promoted.

  • Removing product permissions from shared report views would not save in some cases.

  • Features and release phases could not be dragged between releases on the starter roadmap.

  • Custom field drop-downs were clickable in some cases when specific records were exported to notebooks.

  • Initiative custom scorecards and their related metrics were not displaying successfully in reports.

  • Milestone start and end dates were not displaying consistently in reports if they previously contained features or were set as release phases with duration.

  • Administrators without product owner access were able to view the Import users option from Settings Account even though they did not have permission to import users causing an error to display.

  • Deleting time logged records from a feature was not retroactively updating the feature's remaining time estimate.

  • Filters for custom fields values relating to other record types (i.e. related persona or competitor) were not filtering list or report views correctly in some cases.

  • Saved view lists were not displaying correctly in some cases after a previously listed saved view was deleted.

  • Bulk edits made to custom field predefined choice lists were timing out on save in some cases.

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