August 4, 2017 release notes


  • Support teams using Desk.com can now contribute to ideas in Aha! through the new Desk.com integration. To add the integration, go to Settings- Account- Integrations- Desk.com and choose the private ideas portal you want the integration to point to. This integration allows users to:

    • Search for related ideas.

    • Link cases to related ideas.

    • Cast a vote for the portal user associated with that case.

    • Create a new linked idea if a similar idea doesn't exist.


  • Product lines no longer collapse after a product has been deleted from Settings - Account - Configure product lines. Previously this page was refreshing after delete, which would require a user to drill into each product line again after a delete if they wanted to delete an additional product or rearrange the hierarchy. The context of expanded product lines now remains until a user chooses otherwise.

  • Pivot tables are now created with a default product name filter based on the product the user is currently viewing. Users can bring in additional data from other products by updating the filter to include other products, but this ensures pivot tables load faster for those customers with a large number of products in their account.

  • Confirming a release phase deletion from the release detail drawer no longer closes the record. The drawer remains open for the user to continue working on the release.


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