August 2, 2017

Just Launched! — New Aha! Integration With

by Jessica Groff

Your customers are not the only ones with great ideas. Your prospective customers are also a source of inspiration. And ideas from both groups are often shared with the support team when there is a problem or someone wishes your product did something differently. Unfortunately, these suggestions rarely make it to the product team for consideration, much less onto your roadmap. Instead, the ideas stay locked in your support application or worse — lost forever in an email black hole.

We have partnered with to change this. Now you can enable customers and support agents to quickly share ideas with the product team.

With the newest addition to the large Aha! integration ecosystem customer support teams using can submit new ideas or link to existing ideas in Aha! This helps the product team know exactly what customers are requesting in a manageable way.

Here is how you can uncover great product ideas with Aha! and

Create new ideas from support cases
The support team can now funnel ideas directly into your Aha! Ideas Portal. Customer support teams can create ideas from cases to quickly capture and relay feedback to the product team. When a new idea is created, the idea name and description are pre-populated with the case details for easy editing and quick submission.

Create new ideas in your ideas portal from to give the product team visibility into customer ideas and feedback.

Link an existing idea to a support case
If a customer suggests a new idea that already has been captured, the support team can search for and link that case to the idea in Aha! without ever leaving When linked, the idea is added to the case details in As the idea makes its way through the product development process, the status in automatically updates. As support agents interact with customers, they can quickly reference what the customer has asked for and the status of their requests.

Create a new idea or search for and link cases to existing ideas directly from

Capture important details
Managing all customer ideas in Aha! makes it easy to track all of the requests in one place. It also provides your product team with access back to the case so they can dig in and uncover the true context of the feedback. When the support team links a case to an idea, a vote is automatically added on behalf of the customer and the requestor’s name and case link appears in the idea details.

Linked cases appear directly on the idea in Aha! for easy access for the product team.

Promote ideas to your roadmap
By joining idea and product management work in Aha!, it is easy to prioritize the ideas that matter and then promote them to features for development. Best of all, no matter where the idea came from, when it is shipped, its status is updated.

The Aha! ideas dashboard gives you a complete view of all ideas that have been submitted.

The tight integration between Aha! and ensures customer feedback flows directly into your roadmap — so you know you are building what customers actually need.

The integration can be configured in Aha! by an account Administrator. (Detailed instructions can be found in our support article.) Once enabled, any user can create new ideas or link to existing ideas from the case details.

Integrating Aha! with the other systems your teams use is a great way to engage the people who are most vital to your product’s success — those who use it, those who sell it, and those who support it.

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