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Roadmap the future. Learn about the latest enhancements and new functionality available in Aha! Roadmaps — so you can turn your strategic plans into reality.

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Introducing Wireframes in Whiteboards
December 7, 2023

Introducing Wireframes in Whiteboards

Create wireframes in Aha! Notebooks. Use our new wireframe components and templates to sketch out ideas on whiteboards, visualize concepts, and achieve team alignment.

Invite Guests To Collaborate on Notes and Whiteboards
November 30, 2023

Invite Guests To Collaborate on Notes and Whiteboards

You now have multiple ways to share notes and whiteboards with guests — at no extra cost. Invite stakeholders to collaborate via a shareable link or email so they can jump in and…

October 31, 2023
Introducing AI-Powered Release Notes

Effortlessly create release notes with AI and share product updates with ease. No more manual summaries — let AI generate release notes based on your data in Aha!…

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