May 19, 2017 release notes


  • The release progress chart can now be set to track progress by feature count, feature and requirement count, or capacity estimates (if capacity planning is enabled). These additional settings allow users to more accurately forecast and track the progress of a release over time even when scope changes. To update the progress chart setting, navigate to Releases Details and scroll down to select the "Progress" tab. From there you can click the "Customize" dropdown to make the selection.

  • Idea vote count can now be reported on to see the number of votes a single user added to an idea record. This is especially valuable if you have allocated a limited number of votes for each idea portal user but allow for multiple votes on a single idea. For example, reporting on this field could help determine a single customer's prioritized list of ideas. This new report column is available as "Vote count" from the "Idea request/vote" table.


  • Hierarchy reports were not always persisting when navigating away from Reports Hierarchy and coming back. In some cases, an existing view would have to be selected or a new report created.

  • Custom workflow statuses in use by master features could be deleted without warning, preventing the master feature from loading when selected.

  • Bulk edits made to remove values in custom pre-defined tag or choice list fields were not successfully updating.

  • Charts created from pivot reports set to "List unique records" were including all records instead of unique only.

  • Users were not able to navigate back to the previous record in an open detail drawer in some instances.

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