May 5, 2017 release notes



  • Feature rank (the position of a card in a release viewed on the Features Board) is now reset to the default position of 1 when a feature is assigned to a different release. This does not apply if the feature card is dragged to a specific position within the new release.

  • Features and requirements changed to unassigned in JIRA now update as "Default (Unassigned)" in the 2-way integration with JIRA.

  • Goals and initiatives referenced in the first column of the hierarchy report are now ordered in the prioritized order set in Strategy Imperatives.

  • Tag values in Aha! now support "< " and "," characters.

  • Custom field pre-defined choice list values can now be renamed instead of having to be deleted and added again. This ensures historical tickets take on the new values if an update is made to a particular list choice. Choices can now be re-ordered through drag and drop, deleted if no longer in use, and hidden if the value is in use but should no longer be displayed as a selectable option in the list.


  • Updates made to custom scorecard custom fields were not saving.

  • Master features could not be imported into a product that was inheriting the master features "Enabled" setting.

  • Features moved into an empty release phase on the Release Overview were not visible unless the page was reloaded.

  • Idea scores using custom scorecards were not always calculating correctly when score metrics were updated by moving ideas on the Ideas Chart.

  • Comments emailed in through a reply on idea portal notifications were not added when a custom reply-to email was specified on the idea portal configuration.

  • Custom field pre-defined choice list values that had been deleted could not be selected in filters even if they were actively in use by Aha! records.

  • Custom field values were not getting carried over when ideas were promoted to features.

  • Tables included in JIRA area text fields were not supported in the sync to Aha! causing Aha! to reformat the field value and remove the table in any update sent back to JIRA.

  • Idea confirmation notifications were not getting sent to portal users after submitting a new idea.

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