June 23, 2017 release notes


  • Predefined choice list custom field values can now be bulk edited through copy and paste to more easily manage new list additions or reorder existing choices. To update a choice list through copy and paste, simply select Bulk Edit from the right corner above the choice list when editing an existing pre-defined choice list field. Lists can then be copied and pasted into the open text field with each value on a different row.

  • The Aha! API now imposes a rate limit if an excessive number of requests are made in a short period of time.

  • For added security in SAML configuration, users can now use SHA-256 to fingerprint SSO certificates. Previously, only SHA-1 was supported.

  • Activity webhooks now provide an optional feature filter for master feature updates.


  • Saved views on master feature roadmaps were not displaying in the reports dashboard.

  • The feature details screen was showing duplicate requirements created on features in some cases after a new requirement was added.

  • The master feature API was incorrectly returning all features instead of only the features that belong to the specified master feature.

  • Votes added by idea portal users could be removed from merged ideas.

  • The master feature table and related fields were displaying in reporting column options for all even if master features were not enabled in the account.

  • Features added to an existing release phase were not correctly inheriting start and end dates from the release phase.

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