March 10, 2017 release notes


  • Feature cards on the Features - Workflow view can now be customized to contain key information to assist with planning and execution for the work displayed on this kanban style board. Configuration of the feature card layout is similar to the capability previously launched for customizing cards on the Features - Board. The one distinct difference is that card customization is set at the individual user level; preconfigured defaults are not configurable by an admin like they are for cards in the Features - Board view.



  • Adding a new product from the Reports - Starter roadmap was throwing an error upon clicking on the Create Product button. This has been fixed.

  • The Import from JIRA utility has been updated so it will now include both feature and requirement custom fields that are mapped to JIRA custom fields. Requirement custom fields were previously not included.

  • Performing lookups of JIRA users when assigning a new user to a feature and attempting to sync the updated value in JIRA didn't work if JIRA is configured to not to show email addresses. The integration has been updated to instead look up the users full name if email doesn't work.

  • Features that were being added by clicking on the + Existing features button on the Releases - Overview and Reports - Releases roadmap view were not being displayed on the Gantt chart without first performing a page reload. This is has been corrected so they'll now appear upon creation.

  • The recent changes to the Hide weekends display behavior for the Releases - Overview, Reports - Releases, and Reports - Strategy roadmap views were preventing users from saving these roadmap views when Hide weekends was enabled. This has been corrected.

  • The Reports - Features roadmap was showing the feature display checkboxes for Master Releases when published in a notebook. This has been corrected so the checkboxes will no longer be displayed.

  • Linking multiple attachments on a notebook title page was resulting in a run-on string of names with no carriage returns. This issue has been resolved.

  • The modal for viewing a notebook page was being truncated and has been corrected.

  • There were a few different edge cases that were impacting the ability to customize and save feature card layouts at the product line level and have those changes inherited properly at the product level. All known issues have been addressed.

  • A fix was issued to address a problem with newly created feature tags re-appearing after being removed from a feature.

  • The IP filter field used when enabling IP address based access control had a limit of 255 characters which resulted in filters being truncated and an error message being thrown when the character limit was exceeded. The restriction has been removed.

  • Users were being prevented from logging in if their user profile image was greater than 10MB. This has been fixed.

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