November 3, 2017 release notes


  • Users can now natively create mockups and wireframes with Aha! mockups.


  • On the features board, sequential feature cards can now be selected by holding the "Shift" key and clicking the first and last cards in the series.

  • Formatting updates have been made when exporting pivot tables to PDF so that data is not cut off.

  • The user experience has been improved for adding and removing custom fields from a custom field layout.

  • Features linked with ideas now show the total number of votes the idea has received.


  • Columns in some pivot table reports were sorting incorrectly.

  • Pivot tables were incorrectly wrapping in Safari.

  • Tag custom fields were not sorting correctly in list reports.

  • Users were still receiving email notifications after unsubscribing from feature and release notifications.

  • When selecting a filter on an ideas portal and navigating to the next page, the filter was not persisting.

  • Elements on the starter roadmap with longer names were not displaying the full text.

  • Unassigned To-do's were not displaying on reports filtering on To-do's status of "Pending."

  • Features with long names were not added and displayed in Notebooks.

  • Users were unable to remove votes for ideas on a public or private ideas portal.

  • Expanded elements on the starter roadmap were not collapsing when clicked.

  • Improved logic behind compact bars setting on custom roadmaps.

  • Release phases were being incorrectly shortened when "Hide weekends" was enabled on the releases roadmap.

  • Mockups created for unsaved items (such as unsaved features) were not saving correctly.

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