June 16, 2017 release notes


  • Features can now be reranked in a release based on Creation date, Last active at, Type, Status, Master feature, Score, Tag, and Estimate. To rank a release by specific criteria, just click on the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the release column in the Features board and select the ranking option. Users can still drag and drop to update the prioritized rank order after ranking by specific criteria and can push rank updates to integrated systems, like JIRA and Rally, if supported.

  • Requirements can now be claimed by users through an Assign to me link next to the Assigned to field.


  • Story point values less than 1 (entered as decimals) are now supported for capacity estimates.

  • Changes to product record fields can now trigger instant email notifications.

  • Error message display time has been increased when attempting to delete a feature type currently in use to provide more time for the user to review.


  • Clicking on a pivot report type related view from Strategy- Initiatives was throwing an error in some cases.

  • Email notifications were still being sent from Aha! for updates made via JIRA integration even if the user had the "Stop receiving integration emails" setting checked in their email notification preferences.

  • Changing a feature's release in Aha! and pushing the update to Github was not updating the corresponding milestone record in Github.

  • Master feature card custom layouts were not able to be set at the product line level for inheritance across products.

  • Deleting an object record was not deleting the corresponding to-dos.

  • Features could not be dragged between releases on the Starter roadmap.

  • Filtering by My votes in the ideas portal was showing an incorrect sum for "Votes cast" in some cases when customer vote counts were enabled.

  • Custom number fields were not searchable within Master features.

  • Scorecard metrics were not being displayed when viewing the score modal for a custom scorecard field on the feature after promotion from an idea.

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