February 10, 2017 release notes


  • Custom table data (available as part of the Enterprise+ plan) can now be applied as filters for reports providing additional value in the analytics that can be performed on your roadmap data. Note: There must be one custom table field added to the report in order for the custom table to appear as a filtering option.

  • The labels and pop-ups on the How Aha! Works page have been updated to reflect custom terminology applied to the selected product.

  • An enhancement was made recently to append the time frame value to goal and initiative names to make it easier to see which goal or initiative you are selecting from a dropdown. This change also carried over into displayed field values for goal and initiative names in drawer pages and reports. Based on customer feedback, the appended time frame value is no longer being displayed as part of the goal and initiative names shown in drawer page field values and reports.

  • Columns in the Idea request/vote reporting table have been renamed from "Request created at", "Request created by", and "Request value" to "Vote created at", "Vote created by", and "Vote value" to make it more clear what these values represent.

  • Idea portals that have CNAMEs will now always be redirected to their CNAMEd url meaning portals with CNAMEs can no longer be accessed via the old ideas.aha.io domain. This is to ensure that you set up your DNS settings when setting up the CNAME, otherwise portal users will not be able to login to the portal.


  • Clicking on a master release name displayed on a Reports - Custom roadmap view resulted in displaying the configured home page in the drawer page. This has been corrected so that it now displays the master release details as expected.

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