October 6, 2017 release notes


  • Users can now filter ideas lists and reports by Idea promoted to Master features.

  • Changing a feature's position in Aha! on the features board now triggers an update to JIRA. This allows users to re-order features on the features board in Aha! and update the rank on the corresponding JIRA issue.


  • Users can now add existing features to a Master feature from the Master feature record. Previously, users would have to associate the feature through the Master feature field on the feature record. To add an existing feature to the master detail, click the + icon next to the linked features list and select Add existing feature. Then search to select the feature to add.

  • Performance improvements have been made to prevent user export timeouts for accounts with a large number of users.

  • Features from multiple releases can now be imported from a single CSV import file. This can be used for initial creation of features or updating existing features across releases by including a release_id column instead of importing separate CSVs.


  • Bulk editing features or ideas was hiding the last row of the list in some cases making it difficult to see if the last item in the list was selected or not.

  • Custom terminology added for master features was displaying inconsistently across some report filters.

  • Web notebook links were still displaying in the notebook report dashboard list when web URLs had been removed.

  • To-do assignment completion was not updating to show the completion date or completed status if a user who had not yet completed their aspect of the to-do was deleted from the to-do's assignees.

  • Product selection dropdowns were not loading for some large accounts due to max dropdown item limits imposed for improved load times.

  • Releases moved between products on the starter roadmap were reverting back to their former product and not saving.

  • Scorecard metrics were displaying errors and were not editable if the scorecard metric scale had been changed in some cases.

  • Google drive accounts were getting automatically unlinked after several weeks preventing users from accessing previously linked file updates.

  • Ideas submitted from the Salesforce integration were using the default visibility settings instead of custom visibility settings that had been applied.

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