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The Ideas List page is a powerful view for managing and prioritizing ideas across workspaces. This page allows you to manipulate data in list format where you can customize the columns presented and sort the order of the data. You can click into any idea to edit it or bulk edit groups of ideas.

Note: The Ideas List page is hidden by default for new Aha! Roadmaps accounts. If you would like to enable it, you can do so by customizing your menu navigation.

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How it works

Navigate to Ideas List to see a list view of your ideas.

You can create and save any view you want through filtering and adding data fields. To add additional data to the list, click the Customize view ⚙️ dropdown, then click Edit data on the top left of the page. You can add data columns to the page for all default and custom fields.

There are two ways to filter your list. Hover over the filters bar and click the Add filters + icon to add a basic filter — this is a great way to add filters quickly without opening another modal — or click the Edit filters icon to open the report builder and add advanced filters to your ideas list.

To save the view, click on the Views dropdown on the upper right of the page and select Save view. Give your view a name, choose whether you wish to share it with other team members by sharing it via product(s) rights, and decide whether you wish to let others edit the saved view. Saved views will be accessible through the Saved views section under the Views dropdown.


Customize your report

After adding all of the data columns to the list table that you want to display, you can reorganize the columns, sort the data within the columns, and rename the column headers.

To sort your data by a specific column, hover on the column header and click the More options button. Then, select from one of the sort options in the dropdown. You can also sort multiple columns by clicking the Sort data icon in the top-left corner. This will allow you to sort columns based on multiple values, such as alphabetically by feature status and feature name.

Lists can be customized further in the following ways:

  • To reorganize the columns, click on the column header and drag it to the desired location on your report.

  • To change the name of your column headers, select the text within the column header to begin editing the name.

  • To modify the width of a column, drag the edge of the column header to the desired size.

  • To add a column, delete a column, or add a calculation column, hover on the column header, choose the More options button, then select an action.


Prioritize ideas

By default, the Ideas List page includes a column for each idea's score. As you review submitted ideas, you can score them here based on the default Aha! product value scorecard or a scorecard that you customize for your team's needs. If you promote an idea to an initiative, epic, or feature, you can choose to carry the idea's score over to the new record type.

Sometimes, however, the highest-scoring idea is not the one your team needs to address next. It could be that your team is looking for low-effort ideas that it could promote and implement quickly. Or maybe you want to see ideas with a high impact on a metric, like customer satisfaction. That might be anything scoring between 90 and 100 points, regardless of effort. In these cases, you should filter your list report by scorecard metric, not by total score.

Note: This does not apply to scorecards that are in a custom field.

Navigate to Ideas List to pull up a list of your ideas. Filter the list to show a subset of your ideas (you may want to look at ideas in a specific category, for example), then add filters or data columns for each of your scorecard metrics.

This report can get as sophisticated as you need it to. Click Edit filters to add advanced filters, or hover over the filters bar at the top of the page and click the Add filter + icon to add basic filters.

In the Add filters + and Edit data modals, you will have the option to add the metrics for any scorecard in use in your account. So it is helpful to know ahead of time which scorecard applies to your features in your workspace.

To do this, navigate to Settings ⚙️ Workspace Configure Scorecard for ideas. If you see a custom scorecard there, note its name, then search for that scorecard in the Add filter + and Edit data modals — each scorecard metric will append the scorecard name. If you see the default scorecard there, search for the Aha! product value scorecard in the Add filter + and Edit data modals.

If filtering by these values, click the filter dropdown and select from the numerical filter options to show values that are a range, a comparison, blank, or not blank. You can apply multiple filters at once — for example, you may want to filter for ideas with very low effort and greater-than-average value.

If you find an idea that has merit, you can promote it to an initiative, epic, or feature.


Export ideas lists

In addition to Aha! Roadmaps presentations, users have four other options for exporting their Ideas List:

  • Export to CSV

  • Export to Excel

  • Save as image

  • Save as PDF

To export the list in any of these formats, simply click the Share button located in the upper-right area of the page. Exporting to a CSV or Excel file can be useful when you need to work offline. You can import from CSV to update data later. The image and PDF export options are useful if you wish to publish the content elsewhere, such as a PowerPoint file or an internal wiki.


Bulk edit ideas

Similar to the Features List page, the Ideas List page also allows you to bulk edit ideas. What is special about the Ideas List page for bulk editing is that it allows you to promote ideas in bulk. When you choose to promote an idea, you can promote it to an initiative, epic, feature, or requirement. There are two main promoting options:

  • Create new: This allows you to bulk create new records from the promoted ideas. The bulk promote action will result in a new record created for each idea you bulk promote.

  • Promote to existing: This allows you to promote the ideas to an existing record. The bulk promote action will result in every selected idea being linked to the single existing record.


Use other views

After you have spent so much time adding filters to focus your list of ideas, it is often helpful to view that same list in another format. Use the Change view type dropdown to switch between List and Chart views while retaining any filters you have added.

Note: Filters you add yourself will transfer to a new view. Page filters — filters associated with the original view that cannot be removed — will not appear on the new view.

Your View type options are:


Share your ideas list

Once you have a useful view, you can share it with your internal or external stakeholders by selecting one of the export options under the Share button on the top-right of the page.

  • To fold your list view into a presentation, select Add to presentation. In your presentation, you can select the list's update frequency.

  • To add your ideas list view to a dashboard, select Add to dashboard. Dashboards combine several Aha! Roadmaps views into one page to tell a complete story about your plans and progress.

  • To invite people outside of your Aha! Roadmaps account to view your ideas list, select Share as webpage.

  • To export your ideas list for further analysis, select Export to Excel or Export to CSV. You can import from CSV to update data later.

  • For a static version of your ideas list, export it to PNG image or PDF document.


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