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Aha! Develop | Burndown chart (Advanced plan)

Track sprint progress in Aha! Develop with the burndown chart. You can view a burndown chart for your current sprint on the sprint planning board, or analyze any sprint using the burndown chart in the Reports section. In either case, you can analyze your entire team's progress, or focus on individual team members.

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Track sprint progress

Once you Start a sprint and your team gets to work, you can track progress with a burndown chart built in to the sprint page. Navigate to Plans → Sprint planning to see it in action.

In the right side of the sprint, you will see a burndown chart for the whole sprint — how the sprint's progress, by day and using the capacity planning units you selected, compares to an ideal burndown.

  • Click the name of any Person with work assigned in the sprint to see their personal burndown.

  • Click View chart to see a full page view of the burndown. You can filter this chart by Sprint or User, and mouse over individual days to see the events that took place each day.


Create a burndown chart

For a more detailed view of your current sprint burndown — or to analyze past sprints — navigate to Reports → Burndown.

  • Select a sprint from the Sprint dropdown. By default, you will see the current sprint (or the last active sprint if you have not yet started a new one).

  • Optionally, select a specific team member from the User dropdown. By default, the burndown chart displays the entire team's actual work compared to an ideal burndown, but you can use this chart to see each team member's progress.

Each data point on the burndown chart represents one day. Hover over a data point to see any Events that took place on that day — adding records, removing records, logging progress, or adjusting a record's estimate in either direction. Compare your Actual progress in purple with the Ideal burndown line, and note any Events that caused your team to diverge from that ideal.


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